10 Things To Achieve Peak Performance

Posted by Talor Zamir on

1) Do less and do it better, to completion – do not overpromise and overcommit to yourself or others.

2) Focus on the urgent FIRST – then focus on the highest impact and highest income producing tasks. Avoid Cell phones/texting, Internet, Gossip, Social media, Email.

3) Organize daily and simplify tasks into manageable chunks – be sure to take regular breaks to keep your brain sharp.

4) Develop a daily, weekly and monthly routine and stick to it – add the routine to your calendar in the same manner you would add appointments.

5) Take baby steps – start small and make small steps daily. Once it becomes habit, add more steps little by little.

6) Eliminate clutter – schedule time, once a week, to eliminate clutter and piles. Keep organized!

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7) Get physical exercise – do at least 30 minutes of walking. Need to build a habit? Start with 5 minutes.

8) Eat energy rich foods – less unprocessed foods you eat the better.

9) Drink plenty of water – Staying hydrated is important for digestion, daily detoxing, and energy down to a cellular level

10) Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep - Sleep is vital for recovery and keeps you mentally sharp.

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Bonus: Have a great cup of coffee. Avoid coffee that is full of toxins. Highly recommended is our Peak Performance Coffee.