The Super Smoothie That Will Change Your Life

Posted by Talor Zamir

This smoothie changed my life, and I truly believe it can change yours too.

This "Super Smoothie" is usually my first full meal of the day, especially on workout days.

In future articles I'll explain in detail WHY I take each of these ingredients that I put into my "Super Smoothie"... but for now I just want to give you the exact recipe so you can start reaping the benefits of your new life changing meal!

This is the FIRST thing I have recommended to my own family and friends that have had any health issues.

I try to get them to understand that INflammation comes from INside of you.

By changing what you put INside your body everyday, you can reduce INflammation.

That nagging back, shoulder, knee, or wrist pain. That's called inflammation.

Most people go buy a back brace or wrist brace... trying to heal their inflammation with something on the outside.

I'm here to tell you to instead look INSIDE.

The only way to truly solve the problem is to change what you put inside your body.

When your first meal of the day is incredibly healthy and provides you with tons of natural vitamins and minerals from real whole food sources.. it can literally change your entire day.

Do it everyday and it changes your life.

NOTE: Feel free to add or remove any ingredient you wish. You probably don't take as many supplements as I do, that's totally fine. Start where you are and make this smoothie your own so that it tastes (and feels) great for you.

Of course I personally take our own 3rd party tested and certified Organic Peak Performance products. So I have linked to the Peak Performance products I take below. You of course can make this smoothie with your own ingredients or however you choose.

*** 8oz water

*** 1 handful of frozen organic blueberries and/or strawberries

*** 1 scoop Organic Green Superfood

*** 1 scoop Organic Reds Superfood

*** 2 scoops Organic Grain Free Plant Protein (chocolate or vanilla)

*** 1 scoop Grass Fed Bone Broth + Collagen Protein Powder

*** 1 scoop Organic Lions Mane Powder

NOTE: Since I take a lot of capsules, I prefer to open the capsules and dump the contents into the smoothie, then I throw away the exterior/shell of the capsules. This way I get all the supplements without ingesting all the capsule shells. The capsule shells are fine, but I prefer to not ingest 20 capsule shells if I don't have to. I can just as easily dump it into the smoothie and the Chocolate protein powder masks any taste.

In my super smoothie I dump 1 serving of each of the following capsules:

*** Vitamin D 5,000 IU + All 3 Types of Vitamin K

*** Raw Whole Food Zinc

*** Raw Whole Food B Complex and/or Raw Whole Food Methyl B-12

*** All Natural Eye Support (A must if you are working on electronics all day and/or if you work inside an office building with lots of artificial lighting)

*** Mitochondria Maximizer

*** Plant Based Resveratrol

*** Fish Oil or Krill Oil

*** Acetyl L-Carnitine

*** Saw Palmetto (For men)

*** Creatine Monohydrate (For men)

*** L-Glutamine

These are the CORE ingredients I put in my Super Smoothie. There are always other ingredients that I am experimenting with but don't feel confident enough about them to list them above.

There are other supplements like Magnesium and Vitamin C that I take at night that I also think are very important.

And first thing in the morning I drink our Peak Performance Organic Coffee with our Pure C8 Highest Quality MCT Oil.

I know this is a lot to throw at you in one article but I constantly get asked about my super smoothie and what supplements I take. Hopefully this is a helpful summary for you.

I recently got my lab results back from WellnessFx (I had 24 vials of blood drawn to test a ton of different markers) and the MD said I have some of the best results he has seen. I don't say this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that this stuff works.

I personally feel better both mentally and physically than I have ever felt in my life. That is because I have been prioritizing my health more than ever before, and I hope that you choose to do the same.

To your health and happiness,
Talor Zamir
Peak Performance