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Changing Your Belief System & Identity Around Health in Peak Performance Life

August 04, 2021 2 min read


I’m in the process of writing a book! This has been a long road and process, but I’m very excited to share the introduction and first chapter with you. You are the ultimate insider in this process so let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in a book all about peak performance and health. 

Be prepared to start strong with this book. Living a healthy life requires dedication to making good decisions about diet, exercise, supplements, and personal development. Step one, start to identify as someone who lives healthfully. 

Do you smoke? 

Hopefully the answer to that question is no. If that’s the case, then when someone offers you a cigarette, what do you say? Most likely the answer to that question is, “I don’t smoke.” You’ve internalized the identity of a non-smoker so deeply that it’s an automatic response to say that you simply don’t smoke. 

This same process can and should be applied to your identity as it relates to health. 

This is just one amazing nugget from this snippet of the book. Listen in to hear more of them and hear the action steps I’m giving you at the end of chapter 1. 

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the possible title choices? Shoot me an email. Let me know your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.


In This Episode:

[00:15] We are releasing a book later this year and I’m sharing the first chapter!

[02:27] I’m sharing the introduction to my new book. 

[04:09] The exact visualization I practice every day that has changed my life. 

[05:21] Learn the most important questions I’ve ever been asked. 

[06:57] To effect change in our lives we have to change our identity. 

[09:37] For many it only takes the offer to slip off the path, but if your identity is that you do or don’t do something, your choices become no brainers. 

[10:44] How do you change your health identity? 

[11:38] Hear limiting beliefs that you’ve likely heard other people say. 

[12:44] Once we change our beliefs we change our identities which then leads to change in health. 

[13:34] Learn one thing you can do to start making changes today. 

[15:06] We rarely realize how external factors impact our belief systems and behavior. 

[17:10] Those in the most pain are incentivized to make the most dramatic changes. 

[19:35] Your choices determine how hard or easy your life will be. 

[21:58] Nothing tastes as good as health feels. 

[22:41] Hear the chapter 1 action steps you can take to change your life and health. 

[25:46] You are what you consume. If you want to be healthy, listen and read things that are all about health.


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