Changing Your Belief System & Identity Around Health in Peak Performance Life

August 04, 2021 1 min read



In This Episode:

[00:15] We are releasing a book later this year and I’m sharing the first chapter!

[02:27] I’m sharing the introduction to my new book. 

[04:09] The exact visualization I practice every day that has changed my life. 

[05:21] Learn the most important questions I’ve ever been asked. 

[06:57] To effect change in our lives we have to change our identity. 

[09:37] For many it only takes the offer to slip off the path, but if your identity is that you do or don’t do something, your choices become no brainers. 

[10:44] How do you change your health identity? 

[11:38] Hear limiting beliefs that you’ve likely heard other people say. 

[12:44] Once we change our beliefs we change our identities which then leads to change in health. 

[13:34] Learn one thing you can do to start making changes today. 

[15:06] We rarely realize how external factors impact our belief systems and behavior. 

[17:10] Those in the most pain are incentivized to make the most dramatic changes. 

[19:35] Your choices determine how hard or easy your life will be. 

[21:58] Nothing tastes as good as health feels. 

[22:41] Hear the chapter 1 action steps you can take to change your life and health. 

[25:46] You are what you consume. If you want to be healthy, listen and read things that are all about health.


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