Dr. John Sarno - Getting Out of Pain Via the Mindbody Connection

August 29, 2021 2 min read


In This Episode:

[00:17] Who this episode is for and who it is not for. 

[02:16] If you do not believe that your mind plays a role in your health, then stop listening now.

[04:26] So many people are in pain, but they don’t have to be.

[05:13] The three books by Dr. John Sarno that inspired this episode. 

[08:23] Dr. Sarno is no longer alive but his lectures can be found on YouTube.

[09:43] He classified all muscular pain as TMS: Tension Myositis Syndrome.

[11:40] I don’t believe it’s right for a doctor to give a timeline on someone’s life. Learn why.

[14:29] In general, if you believe the mind can heal the body, then keep listening. 

[15:50] Learn who is most likely to have pain due to TMS. 

[18:45] Dr. Sarno started off as a regular doctor and realized that there were common traits between people who suffered from pain and those who didn’t.

[21:55] Inflammation in the body has been linked to Alzheimer’s as well. 

[22:59] Another thing to check out if you’re in pain is whether or not you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

[24:10] Assuming there is nothing wrong with you but you have chronic back pain, it may be mindbody related. 

[25:32] 80% of people who read through Dr. Sarno’s books and listening to his lectures notice a reduction of pain. 

[27:35] What TMS really is and how your mind tries to overcome it.

[30:22] Dr. Sarno’s books help eliminate the fear that comes with bad diagnoses. 

[32:56] I’m sharing this because I experienced this healing first hand. Hear this story. 

[34:54] The pain you feel is sneaky because it typically makes sense, but it’s not a physical issue. 

[39:02] Be open minded and go do some research!


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