EPI 92: Dr. Ryan Lazarus Shares "The Lazarus Method", A Functional Medicine & Nutrition Approach He's Used To Help Thousands Of Patients Lose Weight, Improve Their Health (Verified By Blood Test Results), And Fix Imbalances

May 03, 2023 1 min read

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    Show notes:

    [1:06] What’s Ryan’s background?

    [4:40] What are the things he learned, and what is The Lazarus Method?

    [9:10] How can Ryan tell a person’s imbalances by just looking at their movement?

    [13:15] On nutrition

    [25:32] How mindset affects people’s need for change

    [30:44] What are the exercises he gives for people looking for their “why”?

    [37:40] More on The Lazarus Method

    [48:54] Where to find Ryan

    [52:11] Outro

    Who is Ryan?

    Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the Founder & Clinical Director at The Lazarus Method, LLC, Board-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Rehabilitation Specialist. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and was adjunct faculty for Metabolic Therapy at UWS. He currently serves as a Corporate Wellness Coach, Best Selling Author, and Functional Medicine Researcher, providing guidance to leading organizations in the health and performance sector.


    Dr. Lazarus is currently an international speaker on personalized functional medicine and nutrition protocols to physicians in private practice as well as employees in the corporate setting. He offers every patient personalized nutrition and training protocols using comprehensive examinations, functional labs, and genetic testing. His cutting-edge health protocols and lifestyle strategies have facilitated tremendous advantages for all his patients, including professional athletes, high-level executives and CEOs, and world-record performance teams. His focus on mindfulness practice, stress management, training tactics, personalized supplementation, and optimal nutrition has allowed each individual the ability to achieve their genetic potential and live their best life in optimal health.


    Learn more about Ryan:

    Website: https://lazarusmethod.com/

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