John O'Connor Coaches Millionaires And Shares How You Can Uncover Internal Blocks That May Be Holding You Back + Essential Skills For Extraordinary Living

August 02, 2022 1 min read

Habits are the foundation of our everyday lives. We build our daily practices, and eventually, our habits and routines shape us. We either build good habits that support us as we move toward our goals or bad ones that undermine our ability to achieve and succeed. One thing is certain: it will be challenging to reach your dreams if you live with many bad habits and beliefs.

In this episode, John O’Connor, an Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author, joins me as we talk about living an extraordinary life and having the best physical health by uncovering the internal factors that are holding you back from living your authentic self.
John is an NLP Trainer and Master Certified Coach with the International Association of HNLP. He has helped thousands of business leaders, CEOs, and multi-national executives to gain clarity, reach their goals, access their potential, connect to their purpose and create a greater impact in the world.

Many describe him as a cross between a coach and a therapist, and John continues to create incredible results with his multi-disciplined approach to peak performance.


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In This Episode:     
[1:48] What does John do? And how did he get around doing it?
[13:41] Uncovering the cause of physical pain
[22:09] The importance of having quiet time and unplugging from work
[27:50] On limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
[34:19] Skills over confidence
[40:43] How can you uncover what’s holding you back?
[1:02:47] Where to learn more about John?
[1:08:33] Outro

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