Practical Lifestyle Tips For Managing Stress & Staying Healthy

December 19, 2019 2 min read



In This Episode:

[01:15] Jason Sani joins Talor to discuss increasing mental and physical energy.

[02:17] Meet Jason and hear his take on the gift we’ve been given of our bodies.

[03:57] Listen as Jason shares his advice on increasing energy through nutrition.

[06:46] Learn how tightly related our digestive system and energy level are.

[08:06] What kinds of foods can you remove from your diet to boost energy?

[12:19] Jason gives action steps for increasing your awareness of the food you consume.

[14:01] How health shaming affects your relationship with food.

[16:58] It is important to note that the food we are eating now versus 20 years ago is very different. 

[19:49] Exercise is extremely important for keeping energy levels up.

[23:41] Learn how you can multitask with your exercise time.

[25:16] If you make exercise a part of your daily routine, then you’ll always have time. Something is better than nothing.

[28:29] Why you shouldn’t allow the process of aging to keep you from staying fit and active.

[32:37] Reflect on what you’re doing throughout the day and see what drains you and what energizes you.

[35:02] Jason shares how you can get started with an exercise routine. 

[39:05] Strength training, long-distance cardio, etc. what does Jason recommend? 

[42:29] Build a routine to get better quality sleep.

[46:26] Understand how sleep affects all aspects of your body and health and take the time to journal about the quality of sleep you’re getting.

[49:10] How you can use hot/cold showers to increase energy and build better sleep habits.

[50:51] Learn why your mental state has a heavy impact on your health and energy.

[54:42] What are some actions you can take to reduce your stress levels? 

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