Anti Aging & Living With Energy In Your 70's & Beyond with Oz Garcia

July 03, 2021 1 min read

In This Episode:

[00:16] Oz Garcia joins me to chat all about anti-aging and living with energy in your later years. 

[01:24] Listen as he shares his background, work and how he got started in biohacking. 

[07:37] What are some of the biggest changes in learning he’s seen over the years? 

[10:02] Learn more about the history of social behavior and how it has impacted overall health and changing ideology.

[15:25] What should you focus on as you get older? 

[18:53] Why he has a very plant heavy diet. 

[21:29] How the human palate and brain work together to keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

[24:06] Does he avoid any particular foods? 

[30:21] What he does for dessert. 

[34:12] Oz’s advice for people who are struggling to make changes. 

[38:14] You have to think through your decisions when you’re overcome with cravings. 

[40:53] Learn more about the Waking Up App and how it helps with mindfulness. 

[43:53] Your practices have to follow you no matter where you go. 

[46:53] Oz shares his final words of wisdom. 

[47:17] Connect with Oz.

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