Metabolic Flexibility, VO2 Max For Longevity, Keto vs Carbs For Performance, and Heart Rate Variability with Dr. Mike T Nelson

July 12, 2021 1 min read

In This Episode:

[00:11] Learn about Dr. Mike T. Nelson’s background and how he started in health and longevity.

[04:09] How does he define metabolic flexibility and what are the benefits? 

[06:55] Is there a right and wrong way to implement metabolic flexibility? 

[10:22] How the VO2 Max test should be used when determining your approach.

[13:04] Learn more about one way of testing VO2 Max and what to measure. 

[16:56] What advice does he have for those people who aren’t good at using fat as fuel? 

[20:24] If you don’t have equipment to determine your VO2 Max you can instead do this.

[22:19] His thoughts on strength training versus cardio.

[24:48] The hallmarks that they look for with regard to longevity.

[27:19] Dr. Mike shares his thoughts on chronic cardio and what makes sense for people to do. 

[32:26] Is high intensity training better for your VO2 Max? 

[35:02] Learn more about heart rate variability and why it’s important.

[40:34] The pros and cons of using the Oura Ring. 

[43:50] Why is physiologic flexibility important and how can we recover more quickly? 

[46:34] Learn about the five homeostatic regulators and why they impact recovery. 

[49:29] How to pair your parasympathetic regulars with the appropriate stimuli. 

[51:40] Does he have a preferred contraption for ice baths?

[55:09] Connect with Dr. Mike

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