Metabolic Flexibility, VO2 Max For Longevity, Keto vs Carbs For Performance, and Heart Rate Variability with Dr. Mike T Nelson

July 12, 2021 2 min read

Peak performance is different for everyone. It’s one thing to know this intellectually and it’s another to have someone as well versed in health and longevity as Dr. Mike T. Nelson confirm it. Dr. Mike joins me to chat about VO2 Max, Heart Rate Variability, and diet for performance and longevity. 

Dr. Mike has been has spent the last 18+ years researching the roles of oxygen absorption and heart rate on longevity and performance. While he doesn’t like the term “biohacking” he has found that there are ways to determine and increase your longevity through targeted diet and exercise. 

But what works for me may not work for you. It all depends on your overall goals and exercise regimen. 

He is sharing various ways that you can determine your VO2 Max, how to continue to measure it and why it’s important to know and understand. We also dive into the role of heart rate variability on longevity and ways you can measure yours. 

Of course we also chat about diet and whether or not there is a standard diet one could use while working to increase overall performance and output. 

This was a fantastic conversation and Dr. Mike provides fantastic ways to do your own studies and how to properly use your findings to better your overall performance.

In This Episode:

[00:11] Learn about Dr. Mike T. Nelson’s background and how he started in health and longevity.

[04:09] How does he define metabolic flexibility and what are the benefits? 

[06:55] Is there a right and wrong way to implement metabolic flexibility? 

[10:22] How the VO2 Max test should be used when determining your approach.

[13:04] Learn more about one way of testing VO2 Max and what to measure. 

[16:56] What advice does he have for those people who aren’t good at using fat as fuel? 

[20:24] If you don’t have equipment to determine your VO2 Max you can instead do this.

[22:19] His thoughts on strength training versus cardio.

[24:48] The hallmarks that they look for with regard to longevity.

[27:19] Dr. Mike shares his thoughts on chronic cardio and what makes sense for people to do. 

[32:26] Is high intensity training better for your VO2 Max? 

[35:02] Learn more about heart rate variability and why it’s important.

[40:34] The pros and cons of using the Oura Ring. 

[43:50] Why is physiologic flexibility important and how can we recover more quickly? 

[46:34] Learn about the five homeostatic regulators and why they impact recovery. 

[49:29] How to pair your parasympathetic regulars with the appropriate stimuli. 

[51:40] Does he have a preferred contraption for ice baths?

[55:09] Connect with Dr. Mike

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