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David Osborn 9-Figure Entrepreneur On Health + Wealth

January 29, 2021 2 min read

David Osborn has spent his life building wealth and figuring out how his drive and passion for money could and should shift as new priorities have been presented to him. What does this mean? Listen in to hear more about his background and how he has shifted his mindset to better his health and be more present for his family. 

He started out in life in a military family traveling the world and making a name for himself as a delinquent, but there was always one thing he was interested in. Making money. When he returned to Texas at the age of 26 he set out to start really building his wealth. 

While real estate was booming, he took advantage and became one of the largest franchise owners of Keller Williams in the nation. From there he continued to invest and to build his wealth, but realized that money was not the end all be all for him any longer.

It was then that he started to take a closer look at his health, both physical and mental. 

David now shares his knowledge of building wealth with others but also makes sure to focus on doing it in a healthy way. Yes you have to put in your time, but you only get one life, better to live it than to waste it. 

Listen as he shares his thoughts and ideas on ways to steadily work the goal setting muscle and why it’s so important to just start. Doing a little bit of something is always better than doing absolutely nothing. Making the decision to start small and build momentum is the best one anyone of us can make.

In This Episode:

[00:13] Learn more about 9-figure entrepreneur David Osborn. 

[02:13] David shares more about his background and childhood. 

[03:53] How he built his wealth. 

[07:30] One of David’s fundamental beliefs is that human beings are like clay to be shaped.

[10:35] What it takes to master goals and build a satisfied life. 

[11:36] Talor shares his morning routine. 

[12:46] What led to co-authoring Miracle Morning Millionaires

[15:59] Something is better than nothing so just take the time to start. 

[19:11] David shares some of his health goals for 2021.

[22:53] Learn more about the 75 Hard Challenge. 

[25:39] Why it’s ineffective to beat yourself up comparing your journey to others’.

[31:23] What has helped David to shift his mindset and evolve his consciousness. 

[34:13] If you want to build wealth, you have to put in the hours. 

[38:43] Who do you have to be to achieve your goals? 

[42:05] The importance of coaches, mentors, and mastermind groups in growth. 

[47:11] David’s final tips, advice, and ways to connect with him.

Links and Resources:

Peak Performance Life

Peak Performance on Facebook
Peak Performance on Instagram

David’s Website

David on Twitter

David on Facebook

David on Instagram

Miracle Morning Millionaires by David Osborn, Hal Elrod, and Honoree Corder

The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham

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