How to Start Craving Healthy Food Instead of Junk Food

January 07, 2021 1 min read


In This Episode:

[00:32] The question that inspired this episode. 

[03:29] What are empowering beliefs and how do they inform your identity? 

[05:03] When you have the identity of not eating bad food it makes it easier to say no.

[07:11] How the shows you watch impact your mentality and identity.

[09:31] Visualisation techniques are important to changing your identity. 

[12:33] Eventually your taste buds change and you don’t crave bad foods.

[15:45] Use the pain and logic to remember how you’ll feel when you’re healthy. 

[16:36] When your taste buds change your cravings will change. 

[19:32] This process is why I’m not a fan of diets. This is a long term change.

[23:07] You’ll start to become more in tune with your body and what makes you feel good as you go through this process.


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