EPI 58: Weight Loss Expert On How To Speed Up Your Metabolism, 5 Small Meals A Day vs. Intermittent Fasting, Good Carbs & What To Pair Them With, How To Make Healthy French Fries and Chips. With Chad Tackett

September 14, 2022 1 min read



    Show notes:
    [1:42] Chad’s quick background and how he started his weight loss program
    [3:25] What has he learned about health and weight loss over the years?
    [5:32] Carbs and their role in weight loss
    [11:29] Chips and bad carbs
    [14:17] Pacing meals
    [16:55] Can you speed up or slow down your metabolism?
    [19:14] How do we know what affects the speed of our metabolism?
    [21:11] How frequently should you eat small meals?
    [23:55] Counting calories
    [27:35] The Metabolism Reset method
    [29:37] What’s a weight loss strategy that lasts long term?
    [33:21] Why do many people fail with other weight loss strategies?
    [36:06] On cheat days
    [38:48] Where to find Chad
    [41:09] Outro


    Connect with Chad at:
    Website: https://www.committed100.com/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-tackett-1776a115/


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