EPI 62: Dr. Stacy Barczak Baker On How To Detox And Protect Yourself From Glyphosate, Heavy Metals, and Parasites. Leaky Gut & Antibiotics, Protein Intake & More!

October 05, 2022 1 min read



    Show notes:

    [1:02] More about Dr. Stacy

    [3:38] How Glyphosate and antibiotics affect our health

    [5:29] Her advice on taking antibiotics

    [8:14] How can you avoid glyphosate?

    [14:06] What are other toxins that she sees with her clients?

    [16:19] Deodorants and aluminum

    [17:25] Heavy metals in the products we use every day

    [19:54] On detoxing from heavy metals

    [23:01] What are the tests she does? And what is a parasite cleanse?

    [26:57] Could just a bad diet cause a leaky gut?

    [30:33] What is Dr. Stacy’s diet look like?

    [35:13] Diet trends and the basics

    [38:12] Where to find Dr. Stacy

    [40:54] Outro


    Reach out to Dr. Stacy at:

    Website: https://www.vibewellness.biz/

    IG: https://www.instagram.com/dr.stacy.nd


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