How To Brew Peak Performance Coffee

August 16, 2016 2 min read

Use The Right Amount Of Coffee

The standard measure for brewing coffee of proper strength is 2 level tablespoons per 6 fl. Oz of water or about 2 3/4 tablespoons per 8-ounce cup.

Keep Your Coffee Fresh

After use, always store the unused coffee in your Peak Performance coffee bag. Roll the top of the bag properly and use the twist-tie to hold in place. Keep at room temperature.

Use Good Water

Nothing can ruin a pot of coffee more surely than tap water with chlorine or off flavors. You can use bottled spring water or activated-charcoal/carbon filters on their taps.

Heat Right

Water that is too hot will extract compounds in the coffee that are bitter rather than pleasant. Colder water will result in flat, under-extracted coffee. The proper brewing temperature is 200°F, or about 45 seconds off a full boil. You can heat water using a kettle, saucepan, microwave, or electric hot pot.

Pour and Let It Sit

Turn off the heat source and allow the water to rest a minute before pouring it over the grounds. Pour the hot water over the grounds… Let it sit for a few minutes.

A back lit image of coffee being poured into small coffee mugs from a French Press with the light source being a window behind the table.

The amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee grounds is another important flavor factor. In a drip system, the contact time should be approximately 5 minutes. If you are making your coffee using a French Press, the contact time should be 2-4 minutes. Espresso has an especially brief brew time — the coffee is in contact with the water for only 20-30 seconds. Strain the grounds out as you pour the coffee into a mug. Enjoy!