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STRENGTH TRAINING for Beginners to Advanced and why you MUST be doing it!

February 06, 2020 2 min read


Strength training is not something you do just to build muscle. Rather strength training is meant to build overall mobility and function throughout all body systems. Jason Sani, a certified nutritionist and trainer joins me on the show to discuss how and why strength training should be used to build peak performance bodies.
First, stop thinking about strength training as a way to just build muscle. When you build body strength, you’re building a foundation for better movement and health. Second, strength training does not mean pushing your body to the limit each and every workout. 
Jason shares his ideal strength workouts and what a week in his workout schedule looks like. Many times he uses a lower weight with complex body movements to build strength and mobility at the same time. So many times his clients complain of stiffness and soreness, but it can usually be traced back to immobility.
Listen in as Jason and I share our journies with strength training and how they have evolved over time. We have both fallen victim to the mentality that increasing weight and working until failure were the only ways to build muscle and overall strength. 
We share how our lifting philosophies have changed, why, and how to start implementing proper strength training into your routine.
For so many people, working out is an outlet needed to relieve stress. When you do strength training properly, you can get the same outlet with more measurable results. If you’ve been on the fence about starting a strengthening workout, you need to listen to this episode.

In This Episode:
[02:35] Welcome our Certified Nutritionist Jason Sani back to discuss strength training. 
[04:29] How muscle mass affects the longevity of your life.
[07:10] Hear reasons you need to drop your stigmas about strength training.
[08:15] Jason shares how he uses strength training as an outlet.
[11:01] Why going to failure and maxing out every set will set you back.
[14:03] How did Jason start out with strength training and how has he evolved? 
[18:16] Working out smarter is much more important than working out harder.
[20:13] What does Jason’s workout schedule look like? 
[22:07] Jason breaks down a typical week of workouts.
[25:43] Mobility is key! Hear why.
[27:04] Hear Jason explain how you can build mobility through strength training. 
[30:30] Understand the proper way to do a movement for noticeable growth.
[33:36] Going to the gym energizes your mind and body and gives you time to delve into scholarly pursuits.
[35:28] You can also indulge your social needs.
[37:27] What are the 5 exercises Jason feels should be a staple in any strength training routine?
[41:00] Why strength training isn’t about the weight you’re lifting.
[45:23] Should females alter their exercises at all? 
[48:41] If you run every day, try taking out a couple of running try strength training. Learn why.
[51:55] Hear Jason’s final pieces of advice.

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