STRENGTH TRAINING for Beginners to Advanced and why you MUST be doing it!

February 06, 2020 1 min read



In This Episode:
[02:35] Welcome our Certified Nutritionist Jason Sani back to discuss strength training. 
[04:29] How muscle mass affects the longevity of your life.
[07:10] Hear reasons you need to drop your stigmas about strength training.
[08:15] Jason shares how he uses strength training as an outlet.
[11:01] Why going to failure and maxing out every set will set you back.
[14:03] How did Jason start out with strength training and how has he evolved? 
[18:16] Working out smarter is much more important than working out harder.
[20:13] What does Jason’s workout schedule look like? 
[22:07] Jason breaks down a typical week of workouts.
[25:43] Mobility is key! Hear why.
[27:04] Hear Jason explain how you can build mobility through strength training. 
[30:30] Understand the proper way to do a movement for noticeable growth.
[33:36] Going to the gym energizes your mind and body and gives you time to delve into scholarly pursuits.
[35:28] You can also indulge your social needs.
[37:27] What are the 5 exercises Jason feels should be a staple in any strength training routine?
[41:00] Why strength training isn’t about the weight you’re lifting.
[45:23] Should females alter their exercises at all? 
[48:41] If you run every day, try taking out a couple of running try strength training. Learn why.
[51:55] Hear Jason’s final pieces of advice.

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