Tracking Macros For Your Ideal Body Composition, Sleep Hacks, Levels Of Health, Making Healthy Eating Taste Good, Refeed Days For Muscle Gain, And More! With Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer Jason Sani

July 07, 2022 1 min read


    In this Episode:
    [1:13] What are the obstacles that people face in losing weight?
    [9:23] What are the needle movers of health?
    [15:51] What can you do to become healthier?
    [12:42] Mastering sleep and healthy eating
    [29:28] What are macros?
    [32:10] How to know your metabolic rate
    [35:27] Tracking macros and intuitive eating
    [45:07] Carbs and training [54:22]
    How to find Jason
    [55:16] Outro



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