How To Make Your Water Healthier, Cleansing, Intuitive Eating, How Emotions Affect Your Health, Protecting Your Mind, Deep Inner Work, And More. With Biohacker Yuli Azarch

June 23, 2022 1 min read


    In this Episode:
    [1:07] Yuli’s background and how he started his health journey
    [5:39] How he lives by being more intuitive about his health
    [12:20] The cleanses he recommends people to do
    [16:37] Testing and filtering water
    [23:59] How he buys water as a digital nomad
    [25:55] What is the internal work he’s done that helped his health
    [39:56] On taking time and space for himself
    [43:54] How does he handle taking time for others as well?
    [49:57] Being less reactive for yourself and other people
    [54:00] Outro

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