Why You Should Try Keto & How To Do It The RIGHT Way

June 22, 2021 1 min read


In This Episode:

[01:21] Ben talks about his lifestyle history and the unhealthy foods he was eating growing up.

[03:10] The importance of carving out a “mental six pack” to continue on his health journey.

[05:15] Anti-inflammatory benefits when you eat a keto diet.

[06:51] Foundations and basics of a keto diet. 

[09:11] Using keto and the state of ketosis to switch over to burning fat.

[11:23] How Ben’s clients have reversed type 2 diabetes on the keto diet.

[14:02] First steps to take when starting a keto diet.

[17:22] Types of bad fats which lead to chronic inflammation.

[23:46] Macro breakdown of the keto diet.

[25:33] The difference between calories and quality calories.

[27:54] Getting healthy is about hormones and their interaction with your metabolic system.

[32:00] Negative health effects of chemical-based sugar substitutes.

[34:37] High cholesterol can sometimes be fueled by high inflammation.

[37:06] Basic keto foods and meals to kickstart your keto diet.

[39:40] Moving in and out of ketosis and the benefits of metabolic flexibility.

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