Anti-Aging, Natural Arthritis and Joint Remedies, Biomarker Testing, Peptides, Strength Training, and Feeling Better At 50 Than You Did At 30. With Regenerative & Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

June 16, 2022 1 min read


    In This Episode:

    [1:26] What Elizabeth does at the Boulder Longevity Institute 
    [8:20] Are peptides effective to use orally?
    [11:07] Are we in the early stages of peptides?
    [15:53] On inflammatory diseases
    [20:06] What really helps people avoid inflammatory disease
    [23:26] Supplementing vitamin D
    [26:13] Strength training with sore joints 
    [29:08] Importance of strength training
    [36:55] Tips for effective HIIT training
    [41:32] Elizabeth’s diet and nutrition and what she recommends 
    [45:53] Where you can find Elizabeth
    [47:33] Outro



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