The INNER Game Of Health. Mindset, Vision, Language, Identity, Beliefs, and More. From Surviving to Thriving with Award-Winning Master Trainer Marcus Mackay

June 16, 2022 1 min read



    In This Episode:

    [0:49] Marcus’ background and how he started
    [2:17] The mental aspect of what Marcus does and teaches
    [7:39] Language and working with his clients
    [9:15] Marcus’ advice for people struggling to start
    [13:16] On what they do at M Perform
    [16:59] Lack of education leads to bad nutrition
    [20:27] Shifting to healthier options
    [23:27] Coaching mindset instead of skillset
    [27:43] How do you get clear on your vision?
    [34:21] Who’s the inspiration leader in your life?
    [36:33] Where you can find Marcus
    [39:31] Outro


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