Counting Calories Vs. True Health, Good Salt & Hydration, Breathing Techniques, Sleep vs. Working Out Early. With Holistic Health Coach Nick Kuhle

June 16, 2022 1 min read


    In This Episode:

    [0:36] Nick’s background and challenges
    [6:07] How do you figure out what’s the right food for you in terms of food sensitivity?
    [9:50] The “calorie in, calorie out” concept
    [15:17] What are the issues that Nick worked on with his clients?
    [17:47] Hydration: Water, salt, and electrolytes
    [19:52] How do you know you’re dehydrated and how do you avoid it?
    [22:10] Breathing mistakes that people usually make
    [29:17] Movement is essential
    [34:42] Ways you can integrate easy movements into your day
    [35:57] Nick’s tips on flexibility and mobility 
    [41:41] The emotion and mindset side of things 
    [48:16] Where you can reach Nick 
    [49:22] Outro



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