Molecular Biologist Shares Research On The Top Anti Aging Molecules Including NMN and NR. Plus Are NAD IV's Worth It? Natural Ways To Increase Your NAD+ Levels, and More. With Dr. Nichola Conlon

June 23, 2022 2 min read

With all of the products you hear about these days that are promising to make you look younger, you may be wondering about the benefits of taking advantage of anti-aging treatments. You may be even more curious about these treatments if you have tried some of the over-the-counter remedies and have been disappointed with the results.   

Today Dr. Nichola Conlon, the CEO and Founder of Nuchido, joins me to talk all about anti-aging and the research she’s done about it. She also shares her company’s new product, Nuchido TIME+, and its benefits.

Nichola is an accomplished molecular biologist specializing in the study of aging as a biologically complex disorder. She received her Ph.D. in Physiology from Newcastle University, home to the largest institute for aging research in Europe. She is also a trained Cosmetic Scientist.   

Building on her expertise in molecular biology and years focused on early-stage drug discovery with a leading biotech firm, Nichola co-founded Nuchido with Prof. Malcolm Young to bring potent, life-enhancing scientific discoveries and education to the public with speed and transparency.

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In This Episode:
[1:27] The basics: why does aging happen?
[7:25] What are some of the basic practices to delay aging?
[13:15] What kind of foods should people avoid for a healthier lifestyle?
[15:02] DNA tests and nutrition
[18:17] Biological vs. chronological age
[20:40] How can you see where you’re at on a cellular level?
[26:37] What is the research they’ve done in her company?
[29:35] What are NADs?
[33:51] How can you measure NAD levels?
[35:45] On the measurable results that they have seen in the product that they developed
[39:50] What does she think of the NAD IV craze?
[48:44] Where to learn more about Dr. Nichola and Nuchido
[50:36] Outro

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