Molecular Biologist Shares Research On The Top Anti Aging Molecules, Plus Are NAD IV's Worth It? Natural Ways To Increase Your NAD+ Levels, and More. With Dr. Nichola Conlon

June 23, 2022 1 min read


     In This Episode:
    [1:27] The basics: why does aging happen?
    [7:25] What are some of the basic practices to delay aging?
    [13:15] What kind of foods should people avoid for a healthier lifestyle?
    [15:02] DNA tests and nutrition
    [18:17] Biological vs. chronological age
    [20:40] How can you see where you’re at on a cellular level?
    [26:37] What is the research they’ve done in her company?
    [29:35] What are NADs?
    [33:51] How can you measure NAD levels?
    [35:45] On the measurable results that they have seen in the product that they developed
    [39:50] What does she think of the NAD IV craze?
    [48:44] Where to learn more about Dr. Nichola and Nuchido
    [50:36] Outro


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