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NUTRITION FOR KIDS (Even those that won't eat healthy). Parents listen to this, it's important.

March 09, 2020 2 min read

NUTRITION FOR KIDS (Even those that won't eat healthy). Parents listen to this, it's important.


Now more than ever our children are showing the effects of having diets made up of processed foods and manufactured sugars. Even if you have a picky eater, there are ways to ensure that their diet is well-rounded and nutritious. Listen in as I share what I make for my girls and why I choose the products I do. 

Any parent of more than one kid will know that kids come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. It didn’t take us long to realize that our daughters, while only about 18 months apart are completely different people. Their preferences and dietary likes and dislikes are night and day opposites.

My oldest daughter loves eating all things healthy. She is the first one to encourage her friends to eat healthfully, and she soaks up everything I have to teach her. Every morning she drinks her own super-smoothie and loves it. (I share exactly how I make this in the episode. Listen in to hear!) 

My youngest daughter, however, thinks cereals, pizzas, chips, and candies are all that a good diet needs to be complete. For her, we have to get a lot more creative in how we sneak in healthy foods and supplements. I share exactly how we do that as well. 

The important thing to note is that our children’s diets are more important and impactful than one might think. Everything from their attitude, grades, and overall health is directly impacted by the foods that we allow them to eat. 

Listen in to hear my resources, thoughts, and opinions on how you can get your children to eat more healthfully.

In This Episode:

[01:12] What are some of the differences between kids’ health and adult health? 

[03:41] Too much sugar and too many processed foods can affect the way kids act.

[06:40] The ingredients in food here in the U.S. versus in Europe are different. European food is healthier.

[10:32] The difference between healthy chocolate and unhealthy chocolate. 

[12:47] Learn more about Talor’s oldest child, her food habits, and her morning super smoothie.

[14:46] For adults, berries are the best type of fruit.

[15:24] Something to note if you’re giving your kids supplements and powders.

[17:40] Learn what oils and probiotics Talor uses in the smoothie.

[21:03] C8 MCT oil is the highest quality. Make sure to buy good quality oils.

[24:52] Why Talor uses EVOO in the smoothie as well.

[26:53] Talor recaps the entire smoothie. 

[29:35] Sugar cereals are terrible for your kids as is conventional milk. 

[32:18] Listen as Talor shares a story about trying to figure out how to get his youngest daughter to eat healthfully.

[34:23] Talor has to sneak healthy things into his youngest daughter’s diet.

[37:41] What Talor does to get protein into her diet as well.

[41:04] A good diet can change so many things for our kids. 

[44:25] If you found anything helpful in this episode, share it. Let other parents know there are alternatives.

Links and Resources:

Peak Performance Life

Peak Performanceon Facebook
Peak Performanceon Instagram

The Appleton School Food Study

Restore for Gut Health

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil

Dr. Gundry Olive Oil
ChildLife Multi-Vitamin


Talor Zamir
Talor Zamir

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