NUTRITION FOR KIDS (Even those that won't eat healthy). Parents listen to this, it's important.

March 09, 2020 1 min read


In This Episode:

[01:12] What are some of the differences between kids’ health and adult health? 

[03:41] Too much sugar and too many processed foods can affect the way kids act.

[06:40] The ingredients in food here in the U.S. versus in Europe are different. European food is healthier.

[10:32] The difference between healthy chocolate and unhealthy chocolate. 

[12:47] Learn more about Talor’s oldest child, her food habits, and her morning super smoothie.

[14:46] For adults, berries are the best type of fruit.

[15:24] Something to note if you’re giving your kids supplements and powders.

[17:40] Learn what oils and probiotics Talor uses in the smoothie.

[21:03] C8 MCT oil is the highest quality. Make sure to buy good quality oils.

[24:52] Why Talor uses EVOO in the smoothie as well.

[26:53] Talor recaps the entire smoothie. 

[29:35] Sugar cereals are terrible for your kids as is conventional milk. 

[32:18] Listen as Talor shares a story about trying to figure out how to get his youngest daughter to eat healthfully.

[34:23] Talor has to sneak healthy things into his youngest daughter’s diet.

[37:41] What Talor does to get protein into her diet as well.

[41:04] A good diet can change so many things for our kids. 

[44:25] If you found anything helpful in this episode, share it. Let other parents know there are alternatives.

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