What It Takes To Be A Peak Performer

October 23, 2020 5 min read

A Peak Performer follows simple strategies to be the best version of themselves and to live their best life possible.  They make conscious decisions each day about what they put into their body and what they do with their time.

I have developed some simple strategies and belief systems that I follow each and every day.  Following these principles makes me a Peak Performer and get the most out of my body and my life.

Here are the belief systems and strategies that all Peak Performers share in common.  Since you are reading this, I am guessing you already follow some or many of these Peak Performer strategies:


Inflammation comes from Inside of you. You can lower inflammation in your body by changing what you put in your body. Lowering inflammation lowers your chances of getting just about any disease, reduces pain (think back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, etc…), and helps you feel better both physically and mentally.

Processed sugars are basically poison to your body. They increase inflammation and increase your chance of getting almost every major disease. If someone gave you a bottle of poison and told you it was poison but it tastes great, would you drink it? If the answer is no then go throw away all the sugar, cookies, deserts, etc… that you currently have in your house. Literally throw them in the trash. Show yourself that you are committed by doing this. Throw away all the poison in your house because it’s stupid to poison yourself.

Action Step: Remove all processed sugars from your diet.

Fried foods, especially those fried at high temperatures with canola oil or vegetable oil are also poison to your body and should be avoided at all costs.

Action Step: Avoid fried foods.

There is a Mind-Gut connection. What I eat not only has a direct impact on pain, inflammation, and lowering my risk of disease… It also has a major effect on how I feel, how I act, and how much I produce on a daily basis.

Action Step: Understand that the food you eat affects your body and your mind.

Eating fat does NOT make you fat (as clearly proven by the Keto diet). Eating processed sugars and carbs does. Replacing processed sugars and carbs with healthy fats like C8 MCT Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Pasture Raised Eggs, Avocados, and Raw Nuts (besides peanuts) can lower inflammation in your body, help you lose weight, and improve your mental performance.

Action Step: Add healthy fats to your diet.

As a Peak Performer, I follow a daily supplement routine to keep me healthy, and keep my mind and body performing at their full potential.

Here are the top 10 supplements I take daily:

  1. Organic Greens
  2. C8 MCT Oil
  3. Vitamin D+K
  4. Krill Oil or Fish Oil
  5. Magnesium
  6. Restore for Gut Health
  7. Vitamin C
  8. Multi Collagen Protein Powder (if over 30 years old)
  9. Zinc with Copper
  10. Organic Reds

    Action Step: Start or add at least most of these to your nutrient routine today.


Peak Performers exercise multiple times per week. Exercise and movement are key to health and can be a very enjoyable part of your day. You can listen to audiobooks and podcasts while exercising which helps you learn and grow as a person while at the same time being healthy. Peak Performers exercise at least 3 times per week and are constantly listening to audiobooks and podcasts to grow themselves and be the best they can be.

Action Step: Get moving! Start exercising at least 3 times a week, and start listening to audiobooks and podcasts while working out. The Peak Performance Life podcast is full of inspiring health information you can listen to on iTunes here. Or if you have an Android phone you can listen on the Stitcher app here.


Having QUIET TIME every day is very important. Quiet time means turning off all electronics and practicing (preferably outside) Gratitude, Appreciation, Visualization, Meditation, Breathing, and high level thinking about what is most important to you in your life. This is a time to get out of your head and focus at a high level on what is REALLY important. I recommend doing this the first 30 minutes of your day but if that is not an option you can do it anytime.

Action Step: Create the habit of taking quiet time for yourself each day.

No Excuses. Peak Performers don’t make any excuses because they understand that you can either have reasons (excuses) or results - but you can’t have both.

Action Step: Stop making excuses and start taking steps to make changes.

Results Don’t Lie. If you are not seeing the results you want in any area of your life then it’s time to try something different because results don’t lie. If you are overweight, have low energy, and have pain in your body those are bad results and are clear signs that what you have been doing is not working and that you should try something different.

Action Step: Pay attention to the results you are getting and be honest with yourself. If you don’t have the results you want in any area of your life then try something different than what you’ve been doing.

I MAKE health a priority. An old Indian proverb says “A healthy person has a thousand wishes, but a sick person has only one”. If you don’t have your health you cannot be there for your family and you cannot achieve your full potential in life. Even if you make a lot of money, what good is millions of dollars if you don’t have your health?

Action Step: Make your health your number one priority.

Peak Performers are an INSPIRATION to others. We don’t complain about things to other people or engage in negative conversations. We keep a positive mental attitude and look for the best in every situation. We understand that the past is done and complaining about it or having regrets does not help us in any way. We instead choose to focus on the future and all the positive things we can still do right now.

Action Step: Teach others around you by setting a good example.

Peak Performers don’t go on short term diets. Instead, we change our identity and way of life to one of a healthy person that nourishes their body with healthy foods for the rest of our lives. If you are thinking about eating and being healthy for 30 days and then going back to being unhealthy, then you are not a Peak Performer.

Action Step: Decide today to make permanent, life-long healthy changes to your diet.

Peak Performers believe that life is about growth and being a lifelong learner. We love to learn new things and grow ourselves as a person. We are constantly seeking out new knowledge everyday via books, podcasts, mastermind groups, coaches, seminars, and any other way that we can. 

Action Step: Become a lifelong learner.  Set aside time each day to learn and improve yourself.

You can heal yourself. Peak Performers turn challenges into opportunities and believe that we can overcome any situation or at least make the best of it. We understand that sometimes what we think is the worst thing that could ever happen to us, ends up being the best thing that could ever happen to us.

Action Step: Understand that you are in control of your health. 

Making these changes in my life has had a profound impact on just about every aspect of my life, from my health, to my relationships, to my income.  I hope you can use these tips to improve your life as well.


To your health and happiness,


Talor Zamir


Peak Performance